Products and Services

Civiqs operates a nationally representative online survey panel for scientific, real-time public opinion research. Our web platform interacts with tens of thousands of Americans each day, producing a continuous stream of feedback on what people are thinking about politics right now.

At Civiqs, we’ve automated the complex process of sampling, interviewing, and modeling the results of public opinion polls. We offer the ability to instantly track where your candidate or issue stands with the public, and how those attitudes have trended over time.

Civiqs can also help you conduct political persuasion experiments to test the impact of your message or campaign. We utilize a repeated survey design that is less expensive, faster, and more precise than traditional, telephone-dependent approaches.

For more information about what Civiqs can do for you or your organization, please contact inquiries@civiqs.com

Our Research Team

  • Drew

    Drew Linzer, Ph.D., Chief Scientist. Drew is a survey statistician and former Professor of Political Science at Emory University. In 2012, he ran the election forecasting site votamatic.org. His research has appeared in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, American Political Science Review, International Journal of Forecasting, Political Analysis, Political Science Research and Methods, Journal of Politics, and the Journal of Statistical Software.

  • Julia

    Julia van Hoogstraten, Panel Manager. Julia has worked as an analyst at an Emerging Market focused investment firm, and a financial researcher at a civil society organization that promotes corporate transparency in Latin America. In 2014, she worked on congressional election targeting and polling, and got hooked on political data analysis. Julia currently lives in Oakland, CA where she enjoys biking, reading political news, and thinking about for loops.

  • Rachel

    Rachel Sinderbrand, Research Manager. Prior to joining Civiqs, Rachel was the Lead Survey Strategist at BlueLabs, where she managed every facet of the firm's survey program. During the 2010 and 2012 election cycles, Rachel worked at Catalist, providing data management support to a variety of pollsters and consultants. In her spare time, Rachel is passionate about training and empowering the next generation of women in data, and has planned and presented at numerous data trainings, including the inaugural TechLady Hackathon + Training Day.